Special Issue

Publication plans

Apart from the scientific sharing forum and the social gathering opportunity offered by CoNSALL, the ultimate goal of the meeting is to work towards a high-profile, peer reviewed special issue of the Language Learning Cognitive Neuroscience Series, which will also be published as a stand-alone volume (double publication status) in early 2020.

The special issue will aim to tackle second and artificial language learning mechanisms using cognitive neuroscience methods. Contributions reporting results from experiments using methods that have a tangible relation to brain function are particularly encouraged (e.g., electrophysiology, in particular EEG and MEG, fMRI, NIRS, TMS, tDCS...), but also studies using methods from behavioural neuroscience such as eye-tracking, electrodermal conductivity, and reaction time modelling.

The authors of the two highest rated oral presentations will be invited to submit a full-length paper as part of the special issue of the Language Learning Cognitive Neuroscience Series. After receiving live feedback from peers, contributors will submit their paper before 15 February 2019.